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Grimaldi Savelli

Two estates of exceptional beauty and close proximity to one another, one on the sea and the other inland in the Tuscan hills, available for holiday lettings, events and home grown produce.

Both estates are in the ‘Maremma’, a large geographical region of southern Tuscany and northern Lazio, half way between Rome and Pisa/Florence. An Etruscan heartland and Roman colony in Ancient times, and until recent times a remote backwater of Tuscany, the Maremma has become increasingly popular with Italian and foreign tourists only in the past 15 years. It offers a long, unspoilt coastline, rolling hills covered in Mediterranean ‘macchia’ against the backdrop of Monte Amiata, excellent cuisine and lots of activities. Despite the Maremma becoming more popular, given its large size it still offers a feeling of adventure, while also retaining its distinctive cultural identity – a combination of ancient settlements, Renaissance towns and maritime influences, all in an environment of large open areas dominated by the Italian version of the cowboys –  ‘i butteri’, who up until the present continue to herd cattle in the Maremman plains.

In 2015, Camilla Grimaldi and Luca Savelli, friends since childhood, decided to combine forces and estates to offer a unique opportunity for visitors interested in the Maremma, to experience two completely different areas within an hour of each other. We welcome you to visit our beautiful estates, to see and enjoy the culture, landscape and seascape for yourselves.

View a selection of the Capo d’Uomo Estate’s produce available to purchase

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